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the why's and how's

erika blanco, violin

Why violin?

  • Ubiquitous - Not only are violins prevalent in various music scenes and genres all over the country, they are nearly timeless in history, and every culture has its own rendition of a wooden, held, stringed instrument.


  • Sound - Models the oldest instrument in the world, the human voice.


  • Size - portable and light

Why private lessons?

  • Progress exponentially more effective with a healthy teacher-student relationship

  • Much like athletes, musicians require mental and physical honing of the mind and muscles

  • Inconsistency breeds inconsistency and frustration

Why Suzuki?

  • Suzuki's language immerson-like approach that he coined as the "Mother Tongue Approach," with environment, listening, and repetition being at the core


  • Strong community of teachers, parents, students, and alum


  • Sound pedagogy in its approach to cumulative skill-based, incremental learning; self-discipline; listening; and solo and collaborative playing

  • Thoughtful, graduated repertoire for technical skills


  • Constructive learning environment, focused on encouragement and positive reinforcement

Who can learn?

  • Any child or adult


  • Any level of experience

How it works:

  • Handbook and contract reviewed and signed

  • Students sign up for a weekly 45-  or 60-minute lesson at my studio

  • Fall and Spring Semesters are made up of a number of weeks

  • Tuition is paid in-full for the semester or divided into 4 installments

Next steps:

  • Understanding my pedagogical approach, philosophy, and expectations


  • Setting up a consult to meet and discuss goals


  • Scheduling 2 lesson observations

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